Almost sold out for 2014!

Here on the eastern South Dakota prairie we grow huge, healthy hardneck seed garlic for planting and eating, using only organic methods.

So far the 2014 garlic harvest is the best we've seen yet . . . 

Our eight garlic seed varieties this year are Montana Giant, Georgian Crystal, Music, Chesnok Red, Red Grain, Persian Star, Lorz Italian, and Indiana Brown.

Update (10/15/2014) - We have sold out of Georgian Crystal, Montana Giant, Music, and Persian Star.  We had an order cancelled and now have a little more seed available.  The varieties we have left are now Indiana Brown (10#), Chesnok Red (10#), Lorz Italian (5#) and Red Grain (7#).   You can also purchase small (1.25-1.5") Indiana Brown or Red Grain in a 3# mesh bag for $30.00. If you want seed I would order in the next couple of days! Thanks!

Order Seed Garlic Here

Our 2014 seed is free of Garlic Bloat Nematode according to a test performed on a sample of our garlic we send in annually to the University of Minnesota.

If you're interested in ordering garlic and/or have any questions or concerns for the growers after exploring the website, feel free to call us at 605-695-0305 or email us at

Thanks for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon!